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GoGIS provides consultation and supervision services to firms and projects wishing to utilize Google's GEO tools, whether within their own organization or within projects of their client's. GoGIS has extensive expertise in the field of GIS as well as in the wider sphere of IT - This proven expertise can be of significant assistance to our clients in making important professional decisions.

The consulting services begin with the initial examination of the appropriate tools and technologies available from Google, are followed by a detailed definition of requirements, and include system development, system integration and user rollout.

GoGIS provides detailed technical data regarding all the GEO products of Google. GoGIS is well positioned to provide demonstrations and Proof of Concept regarding these products while utilizing the geospatial data of the organization.


GoGIS specializes in the development and integration of all Google's GEO products. We have proven success in system deployment and application development based on Google's innovative technology.

GoGIS has extensive expertise in development via the two main development languages of Google's GEO products, namely .NET and JavaScript. This capability is based upon many years of application development and implementation in the fields of GIS and enterprise information systems.

Members of the GoGIS team have rich experience with a variety of GIS technologies, and this experience has proved to be highly advantageous in the successful implementation of Google's GEO solutions. GoGIS' development know-how enables the effective integration of Google's GEO products within existing enterprise GIS setups, as well as within organizational information systems and a variety of relational databases. In particular, Google's GEO products are compatible with numerous geospatial data formats, code libraries, and Open Source solutions. Additionally, GoGIS is able to deliver solutions upon smartphone platforms that are Android or Windows-based.


Data organization and preparation

Preparation and processing of raster data, vector data, topographic height data (DTM), 3D buildings, vegetation, photos and videos.

Preparation and integration of these datasets for optimal view and query response times.

Data conversion from a variety of formats to Google's GEO environment.

Integration of file-based and database datasets, while ensuring rapid response times.

Service Four

GoGIS provides a number of possibilities for training and mentoring services:


• Google's GEO solution concept
• Google's GEO's free software tools
• System Architecture
• User functionality
• Strengths and limitations
• Possibilities for system up-scaling


• Applications development
• Accessing Geospatial databases
• Integration of Alpha-numeric databases
• Utilization of Google's search tools
• Incorporating Streetview

Data experts

• Handling various geospatial formats
• Processing tools for geospatial information
• Using Google's Fusion application
• Creating mashups
• Managing vector and raster data
• 3D models
• Google's KML and KMZ data formats