Maps API

Transport for London

Transport for London has released a handy Google Map that visualizes how long it will take you to travel anywhere in the capital on public transit from any location in London. The map also allows you to check any location's distance from frequent public transport services.

London PD - Crimes heatmap

Take a look at an operational working system of the London PD to understand crime patterns better.

Hyper-lapse photography

Hyper-lapse photography – a technique combining time-lapse and sweeping camera movements typically focused on a point-of-interest. Using Google Street View as a DB, the whole world is in your hands

Geo BI system

Geo BI system - Believe it or not it can be coded in less than a day's work!

Snazzymaps - Styled maps

Redesign your Maps for new style or make the important stuff clearer

Mammoth Trails

explore granite crags to trout-stocked lakes, pine forests to alpine meadows, there’s something for all seasons, interests and abilities, motorized and non-motorized alike - See more at:

Chrysler's manufacturing

Wow! Chrysler's manufacturing line up close!

Golden Hour

Photographer!? You muse take a look at this! Plan the best hour for your set's photoshoot

US Census Bureau

The US Census Bureau provides lots of poverty estimates, so let's take their data and map it over the last 27 years. Find out the alarming rates of some states of over 20%.