Leaflet Gogis

The University of Leicester

The University of Leicester has opted to use Leaflet.js to create its new campus map. One of the great advantages of using the Leaflet mapping platform is the abundance of great quality third party plug-in libraries available

Map Effects 100

Map Effects 100 is a collection of user interaction effects for Leaflet maps. The effects range from polygon fades to custom designed pop-ups. There is even a nice story map template for scroll-driven map navigation

Interactive Leaflet map of Pluto

Horizons: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has created an interactive Leaflet map of Pluto from an enhanced colour image of the planet

Biking from Place to Place

Biking from Place to Place is a neat Leaflet map visualization of Chicago's bike share network. The map uses a very clever Voronoi heat map technique which allows you to find out the number of bike trips from any bike station and view the most popular destinations from each station.

The Witcher III Interactive Map

"The Witcher III Interactive Map is a Leaflet.js powered map of Velen and Novigrad within the Northern Kingdoms. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing video game set in an open world environment. The Witcher games are based on the books of the same name by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski."


This German sitemap is very clever. Medizintechnologie.de has created a Leaflet.js powered map from a hierarchical organisational chart of their website. The result is an interactive sitemap of the Medizintechnologie.de website.