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Why GoGIS?

In a rapidly progressing world of technology, Google leads the way in many fields. GoGIS has the experience, knowledge and Google's back to take your company to the next step.
Google Geo platforms can either save you money or directly benefit your economic cycle.

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Open Source

Google Maps is embedded in over a million websites. Using the comprehensive Google developer libraries and our, industry specific, demos and examples your website can also be the home to Google Maps!

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Easy to Use

One of the most common issues in client success stories is the complexity of the offered solution. Like Google's our solutions are driven from the every day life - "Work the way you live".

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Google Maps Platform event 2018

Recently, Google has announced changes to Google Maps, the leading maps technology internationally.

GoGIS was chosen to help manage those changes here in Israel. As a part of this process, we hosted a Google Maps Platform event on the 21st of June, 2018 in Google’s offices in Tel Aviv. Over 100 people from different companies participated in the event.

At the event representatives of both Google and GoGIS presented the changes and various uses for Google Maps Platform.
The presenters highlighted interesting use cases and innovative ways that Google Maps Platform can be implemented. They also put an emphasis on ways to optimize the capabilities of Google Maps platform. From our experience in the past it is clear that most Google Maps users are not taking advantage of the full potential that Google Maps has to offer. This is a pity. Here is where GoGIS’ expertise and experience with GIS technologies come to play. We at GoGIS provide our customers with the right tools to help implement the prepared code, readily available as part of Google Maps Platform, into their own programs and applications.

Another important point that was highlighted and explained throughout the event at Google Tel Aviv was the fact that GoGIS, through various methods, helps Google Maps customers save significantly by reducing the number of credits used in their applications without compromising on the quality of their solutions.
Our experienced and professional developers can help you write and adjust code that will save you money every month. GoGIS’ staff includes experienced computer programmers, experienced in different GIS technologies. We have a lot of experience dealing with a wide variety of customers – government offices, local authorities, communications companies, transport and distribution companies, and of course, startups!

Besides, we just love what we do… We’d like to extend our appreciation to all who joined us at our event and we apologize to those whom we could not accommodate this time around. We hope to have you at our next event. The next gathering will hopefully provide a broader platform for technological discussion, with an emphasis on the effective use of the APIs.

Location History
In every Android device

Were you aware that google supplies the tools to track your past movements based on your android device?

Camels Have Gone Google
Mapping the arabian desert

Google mapped the Arabian desert using a creative platform - A camel!

Google Earth Pro Is Now Free Download and start working!

3D measurements, high resolution images, record HD simulator videos and many more usful tools!

New Release - Roads API
Maps API platform

With the new Roads API anyone can now snap raw GPS tracks & line segments to the most likely road around it. In addition Speed limit is now available using for any road segment!

Wondering how to implement Google Geo in your organisation?